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American Strategic Investment Co. (NYSE:NYC) is a publicly traded company listed on the NYSE that owns a portfolio of high-quality commercial real estate. Additional information about NYC can be found on its website at

High Quality New York City Focused Portfolio

  • NYC’s $854.2 million portfolio is diversified across eight office and retail condominium assets located primarily in Manhattan
    • High portfolio Occupancy1 of 85% with a weighted average Remaining Lease Term2 of 7.3 years as of Sept 30, 2022
  • Resilient portfolio built for long-term success
  • NYC’s top 10 tenants feature a balance of large Investment Grade rated corporate tenants and government agencies3

(1) Occupancy represents percentage of square footage of which the tenant has taken possession divided by the respective total rentable square feet.

(2) Represents the outstanding tenant lease term. Weighted based on Annualized Straight-Line rent.

(3) Weighted based on annualized straight-line rent as of Sept 30, 2022. Ratings information as of Sept 30, 2022. Weighted based on annualized straight-line rent. NYC top 10 tenants are 59% actual Investment Grade (“IG”) rated and 20% implied Investment Grade.

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